Drawing inspiration from your own brand can be especially difficult when you are tasked with the high-ranking responsibility of running someone else’s brand. Be it an international publicly traded company or a smaller operation, leading from the values of the company’s vision and doing so in a way that also allows you to express your unique brand of humanity and leadership can be one mother of a balancing act.

Combine that with the simple fact that by the time any of us have reached the C-Suite, a certain amount of burnout has occurred. Often leaving leaders wondering why they every walked down this path to begin with or if this is all there is.

Clearly, executives face very specialized challenges. Managing the expectations of the highest echelons of management above and the employees counting on you in the departments below can feel like a no win situation. It’s a lot of pressure. And there comes a point where lines start to blur.

When you have lived company values for so long, you have started to lose sight of your own. If this is ringing bells for you, please contact me personally.

Leading a company’s brand in a way that expresses your own individuality is fully possible. And wholly necessary. You are more than a position. You are a person. And you are in a unique position to influence many lives inside your walls and beyond.