More and more everyday, business is coming to understand it is operating in a new kind of economy. A purpose economy. And this is good news for a million reasons. Creating profit in a way that profits the world is a powerful thing not just for your financial success, but also for the larger more meaningful successes.

Henry Ford said, “A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.” Long before our time he understood the need for a business to be Soulstainable™ and make a mark in the world that extends beyond those in the financial leger.

Businesses have the power to make the world better. To help alleviate the suffering happening to humans, animals and the planet on a soul level. When you position your business to do this, you create a win-win-win situation in Soulstainability™

First, you create a business that is doing it’s part to make the world a better place, so the soul of the world gets some much needed TLC with the resources you produce.

Second, you create a professional environment in which employees are automatically doing meaningful work and are, therefore, more engaged and can create Soulstainable™ careers for themselves.

And third, you are creating a brand that walks the talk and puts its values into action in the world. Living in integrity like this is not only good for the soul, with 88% of the incoming work force reporting they are looking to work for an organization who’s values fit their own, you position yourself to recruit the best talent, thus strengthening the soul of your own company.