Corporate Mindfulness™: CULTURE BUILDING

Culture is not some fluffy, intangible thing. Culture is real. It’s palpable. We’ve all worked with people and in places that are vibrant and inspiring, as well as those that are toxic and breed negativity. No matter what spectrums cultures fall on, they all have one thing in common. The tone for every brand culture is set from the top.

A company’s culture is the first and most important expression of its brand. If you can’t express yourselves inside your own walls, you will never be able to do so authentically out in the world. However, often companies are so focused on the day-to-day running of the business, they lose site of implementing the brand. And this comes at a cost.

You end up with a bunch of employees who are there for nothing but a paycheck. These are the least productive employees on the planet and the dynamic this creates results in a lot of office drama and a lot of turnover. Which is costly to the financial and emotional well being of your company.

Sometimes, even with really large, clearly defined brands, the foundational principles aren’t translating to your culture or are in need of refreshing. The principles of The Branding Sutra can be an inspiring help for that.

If you haven’t clearly defined your brand culture or feel like the culture you have created is falling short of fully embodying the vibrancy and potential of the brand you have created, reach out. We will create a customized plan to bring the passion back to your workforce and get the heart of your brand pulsing life into every level of your company.