Did you know that Gallop Polls have reported 70% of Americans hate their jobs?

Yikes. Considering we spend the vast majority of every day, from the time we graduate to the time we retire, devoting ourselves to our jobs, that is an absolute human travesty. To be actively disengaged in our life’s work is soul sucking. And it’s not the way the professional arena is meant to be.

Your job has a job. And it involves more than just providing you with a paycheck. It is to provide you with an opportunity to put your passions and talents to work. And if you don’t think that’s possible or you don’t know what those talents and passions are, there is a cure for that. It’s called branding.

We pour a great deal of our life’s energy into our jobs. Keeping a roof over head and providing for loved ones requires dedicating an inordinate number of hours and meeting an ever growing set of demands. But the silver lining in all this is that because so much of our time and energy is devoted to our careers, there are few better arenas for contributing our unique gifts to the world.

Repositioning yourself to achieve this deeper level of fulfillment does not always require leaving your job. Rather, quite often, it is just a matter of leaving your outdated notions of what you deserve from your job and creating a new sense understanding of exactly what you, as the unique enterprise you are, bring to that professional table every day. And weaving that new foundation into a brand that allows you to do so.

If you are an employee looking to reignite passion and motivation and find a truer, more soul abiding sense of fulfillment from your job, click here. If you are an employer or managing executive looking to create a work culture and environment that naturally brings that sense of fulfillment to your team and positions you to manage in a way will build a personal legacy rather than simply tow the company line, click here.

Our jobs must do their part to sustain us in our spirits as well as our bank accounts. No matter your rank or circumstance, you are worth that and so, so much more.