Corporate Mindfulness™

“Mindfulness should no longer be a 'nice-to-have' for executives. It's a 'must-have.'
A way to keep our brains healthy, to support self-regulation and effective decision-making capabilities, and to protect ourselves from toxic stress."

- Harvard Business Review

Bringing mindfulness into the workplace is no longer a matter of if for companies and executives looking to reach greater levels of human and financial success. It is a matter of how.

And to date, I have been sorry to see mindfulness misapplied as often as I have. To simply try shoehorning the stillness of meditation and breathing into the fast paced realities of contemporary corporate culture shows a lack of understanding of both disciplines. And, more importantly, that approach won’t create the long lasting or tangible benefits I am sure you are looking for.

The corporate culture is unique and specific in its realities and mandates. And requires a more modern approach - one built on the insight of years of personal experience of living mindfully within its walls. Which is how Modern Mindfulness was born.

Modern Mindfulness: Ancient techniques reapplied to modern culture through a contemporary approach that creates personal and professional success.

This contemporary approach utilizes two proprietary processes you won’t find elsewhere:

1.) Soulstainable™ Business Development

2.) TechVasana™ Mindfulness Technology

Soulstainable Business™ Development is a system of creating careers and professional cultures that bring a deeper and more abiding sense of purpose and meaning to the work we, as employees and executives, do every day. Combining mindfulness training, human brand development and corporate social responsibility practices, the process works with your entire organization to weave business success, human development and planetary well being into the actual day-to-day operating system of your organization.

TechVasana™ Technology: In ancient mindfulness philosophies, Vasana has been described as “a wave in the mind-lake.” Our proprietary TechVasana,™ software utilizes a 21st century evolution of biofeedback to balance out the fast moving current of mind waves that create stress and anxiety and helps to generate a state of deep inner calm created by practices such as centering and meditation. An invaluable tool to support quieting the mind in the fast paced corporate world.

The combination of these methods simultaneously calms the mind and activates the human spirit. A one-two punch that increases personal wellness and personal passion and purpose.

I’ve walked the path of mindful living in the corporate world. I have learned by trial and error how these two seemingly diametrically opposing forces can work together. This program is a blend of spirituality and practicality that will help allow you integrate mindfulness in a realistic way so it can truly take root in your leadership approach, your culture and yourself. And when you do, the benefits will be many:

Benefits of Mindfulness For Corporate Leaders:

  • In a global economy moving at the speed of light, leaders are required to make split second decisions . Mindfulness allows us to respond, not react, and make decisions from a place of clarity.
  • When you step into a leadership position, you automatically take a step out of the trenches and this creates a certain dynamic of isolation from the rest of the organization, Mindfulness helps fill that gap and create a new ability to connect.
  • The unique pressures of leadership create burnout at an alarmingly accelerated rate. Mindfulness replenishes the mental, emotional and physical drain created by having to overachieve.
  • People don’t speak up for fear of losing their jobs, and therefore communication between leadership and staff can be inauthentic and ineffective. Mindfulness cultivates a spirit of openness and an ability to really listen, eliminating the perception that leaders are unapproachable and opening the lines of more productive communication throughout the organization.

Benefits of Mindfulness For Employees:

  • Downsizing has left remaining workers completely overtaxed and over stressed. Mindfulness techniques such as meditation and centering exercises reduce stress and anxiety and increases calm and resilience.
  • Reports site that nearly 70% of Americans hate their jobs and are totally emotionally and spiritually disengaged, mindlessly going through the day-to-day motions. Mindfulness and spirituality generate connection to a greater sense of purpose, thus increasing passion and job satisfaction.
  • Conflicts and challenges are more complex than they have ever been in the workplace. And innovation and creativity are an absolute necessity in our economy. Meditation and mindfulness have been scientifically proven to stimulate regions of the brain linked to creative thinking, problem solving, visioning, and strategizing.

Benefits of Mindfulness For The Bottom Line:

  • In a corporate landscape where digital and personal interruptions occur every three minutes and attention spans have been reduced to eight seconds, Mindfulness increases focus and performance.
  • Top talent is seeking organizations that reflect inner values and allow for personal development, mindfulness and spirituality in a corporate culture create shared values and attract the top talent.
  • Studies show companies where employees who feel inspired outperform others by 23% to 44%. Mindfulness generates greater work engagement and reduces the high cost of turnover.
  • In a corporate culture where stress related illnesses have cost American businesses 10% of its GDP, mindfulness has been proven to strengthen immune systems.
  • Overloaded work schedules and digital communication have diminished the personal connections that foster customer loyalty. Mindfulness nurtures the ability to build better and deeper relationships with clients, customers and coworkers, increasing teamwork, client satisfaction and brand loyalty.

From introductory level training to long-term personalized approaches, Modern Mindfulness offers a range of services including lunchtime workshops, online classes, quarterly programs, one-on-one leadership coaching, virtual training and support, and on and off site retreats.

To book a service or determine the best starting point for bringing mindfulness into your business, classroom or organization, reach out. We will set up a call to get things started for you.