Executive Brand COaching: STUDENTS

Education is necessary. But in its current iteration, it has, in many ways, become, a necessary evil. Costs are outrageous. And the level of pressure it is placing on students of even the youngest ages is outrageous. Meeting the ever increasing standards being set by those who have little to do with the day to day classrooms has created a culture of stress and anxiety that no human should have to endure. It has done something else as well. It has shifted the focus of education from fostering the brilliance that exists inside each individual to force feeding information that may be of little or no use in the bigger picture.

But the brilliance inside each of us is meant to be the North Star. And if a student can develop a brand that brings their interests, their passions and their goals into the forefront, they will be much better equipped to prioritize their own focus within the educational system. It can guide them as to whether or not AP classes really matter. What electives and extracurricular activities to focus on to feed their innate talents and individuality. Which colleges will best set them up not just for financial success but also personal fulfillment in lives they are building.

It is really never too soon for a person to learn to embrace that which makes them unique and personally powerful. If you are a school and would like to set up a workshop for students, reach out here. If you are a student and would like to build a brand that will help you carve out an educational path that truly suits you, click here.