A one-day brand building lab designed to put the power of building a brand in the palm of your hand.

Are you ready to build a strong, meaningful brand foundation upon which an empire and a legacy of success and passion can be built?

So many of small business owners are so busy running their businesses that they don't focus on building their brands. And that is an expensive mistake. Because building a brand is the most effective way to build a business.

A well-built brand has the power to increase sales, build long-term customer loyalty, attract the media spotlight and seal the deal with investors and strategic partners.

All good things, right?

The simple truth is, before you can create a double bottom line bradn, you have to build a brand. This is an absolutely essential first step. And it is around this fundamental premise that this workshop orbits.

  • The three must-have pillars that create the foundation of every brand. Code for: How to build a brand that will never have to be rebuilt.
  • How to stop operating like a parody product and start standing out as a brand. Code for: How to increase your sales without increasing your marketing.
  • The key to creating a compelling message. Code for: How to talk to people in a way that will make them listen and most likely buy, invest, and partner with you.
  • What creates customer loyalty. Code for: How to generate more referrals and more repeat customers.
  • What you need to turn these basic branding principles into an actual brand. Code for: How to implement what you learn after the workshop is over.
  • The most universally misunderstood business principle that separates five figure business from six and seven figure businesses. Code for: There's an excellent chance you are unknowingly holding yourself back.
  • How to infuse your personal passion into your professional success. Code for: If you have to make a living, do so in a way that actually makes you feel alive.

Can you imagine what all of that branding and marketing instruction might be worth to your business?
This event equates to tens of thousands of dollars worth of branding expertise that can help your business earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit.

But the price tag is nowhere near this value amount. This class is all about leveling the playing field and giving startups and small to medium sized businesses the same branding expertise that big brands build their success on.

Which is why the cost is only $575.

And there are only 30 seats available.

Please don't hesitate to reserve your seat. Given the amount of interest already received, chances are extremely high that this class will book out.

I am confident that you can effectively and creatively build a relevant, meaningful brand with the power to immediately increase your profit potential, expand your market reach and create long lasting relevance with customers by properly implementing the information in this class.

WHEN: April 13: 9 am - 5pm.

WHERE: The offices of 1871 (222 W. Merchandise Mart Plaza)

(**Once you secure your seat, all the additional details you need will be sent to your personally in your welcome packet).

Are you ready to stop operating like a business that people have a hard time forgetting and start behaving like a brand that's impossible to forget?

Then now is the time. Reserve your seat for the Branding Powers Brand Building Intensive: From Business to Brand, today.

Once you register, you will receive a confirmation email *within 24 hours* with all the information you need.

Terms and Agreements:
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I understand I am committing to paying the chosen payment plan in full, as this is an all-inclusive program in which I am enrolling. I understand that this program is non-refundable after 30 days. Any refunds that are processed will subtract any incurred merchant fees and *team energy fees.
A $30 late fee will be charged for payment not received, or unable to be processed, by each installment due date.
All Branding Powers International materials are proprietary and the sharing of them with any persons, entity or business is strictly prohibited. They are presented solely for your individual use.
I understand I will be responsible for any legal fees which might arise and any expenses which may be incurred by Branding Powers International, LLC. in efforts to obtain full payment, if I fail to meet the conditions of this Agreement.
*Refunds are processed at the end of the month.