There is no enterprise anywhere with more potential to create a positive impact than the human being. And the better we set our kids up for success, the brighter all of our futures will be.

But the simple truth is, the playing field is anything but level when it comes to creating this foundation. Poverty, illness, violence, neglect and a whole host of other socioeconomic conditions put a great many bright, motivated kids at a sizable disadvantage.

And we are doing what we can right here at home, in Chicago, to level this playing field. For every professional brand we build, we in turn help one of these kids create a personal brand that will help set them up for success inside and outside the classroom.

We work in partnership with High Jump, an amazing Chicago nonprofit organization that provides academic enrichment, counseling and support to students of diverse backgrounds and limited economic means with the goals of sending them to superior college preparatory schools and four-year colleges and universities. These are some of the brightest kids in Chicago. Top performers. They are highly motivated and work hard every day to rise above what are, quite often, really difficult circumstances.

We provide brand building classes, working with the students one on one to create platforms that weave their academic intelligence, personal passions and unique skill sets into a single, tailor made platform from which they can focus their goals and build the future of their dreams.

Helping these kids embrace their potential supports them not just as students but also as human beings. Our intention is to help set them up for success so they can make the biggest impact possible with their unique and beautiful lives.