Do you know how your personal brand comes across to people who don't know you?

In a world where important people scrutinize you online without every talking to you in person, the simple fact is this: it doesn't matter how you see yourself, it matters how other people see you.

And quite often you are too close to your own identity to be able to see it from an outside point of view. Which is why it is vital for you to have your personal brand assessed. Your online presence is the single most important thing standing between you and your next open door.

The good news is, you have the power to create a dynamic presence that can absolutely open doors and seal deals. The bad news is, most people actually have one that is either dull or damaging.

We want more than that for you. And we know you want more than that for yourself. Which is why we offer private brand consultations with a six-point assessment of your personal brand to determine how effectively it is delivering on each of the six major personal brand communication success points.

This assessment was carefully created through years of branding expertise. Its comprehensive scope includes a study of your presence across the entire web and hones in specifically on all social media platforms frequented by recruiters, investors, admissions offices and HR executives.
After careful scrutiny, we will provide you with a full report with the answers
to these deal making or breaking questions:

  • Can your online presence hold the attention of your audience for more than a few seconds?
  • Do you invite people to take an interest or take a pass?
  • Are you likely to receive a return visit from recruiters, HR execs and admission officers?
  • Do your profiles paint you in a positive light?
  • Are you putting out digital images that are damaging or deal breaking?
  • Do you blend in or stand out?
  • How clearly does your personal and professional value come through?
  • Do you stand for something that matters?

  • FACT: We live in a world where someone Googles someone else's name fifty million times a day.
    That is the reality of the 21st Century marketplace.

    Are you positioned in a way that makes that reality work for you or against you?

    That fifty million number will only grow. Which is why it is essential to have a personal brand that represents you clearly, concisely and creatively.

    Your personal brand is the surest way to be memorable and meaningful in our virtual world.
    Being memorable and meaningful translates into:

    Landing the job offer

    Getting the promotion

    Closing the business deal

    Securing the investment funds

    Receiving the acceptance letter

    Attracting the opportunities

    Whatever success looks like to you in this moment, you can bet your personal brand is the best chance to making that goal a reality.

    You spend so much money on education for yourself and your kids, and so much time and energy to build the valuable experience that distinguishes you from others. Can you really afford to let a personal brand squander the effects of either?

    To book your private personal brand consultation, email We are ready to position you as a powerful, positive, opportunity-attracting presence in the world. Are you?