Have you ever wondered why you were passed up for a job, promotion or business opportunity you thought you were perfect for?

Fifty million times a day, someone Googles someone else’s name. And of that fifty million, nearly fifty percent are recruiters, HR executives and investors deciding whether or not to do business with you. Needless to say, never before in the history of this business we call life has personal branding played such a pivotal role in professional success.

Credit the Internet and the overcrowded, highly competitive playing field that came in its wake. Credit social media and the need to dazzle prospects in a single post. Credit our sharing society in which every inappropriate picture ever taken of you can and most likely will be uploaded online for the world to see.

The simple fact is, people are watching. Prospective clients, employers, colleges, investors and strategic partners can discover everything they think they need to know about you without ever having a personal conversation.

Recruiters and HR directors turn to social media to research job candidates in increasingly larger numbers:
  • 75% use LinkedIn
  • 58% use Facebook
  • 26% use Twitter
  • 21% use MySpace
  • 11% search blogs
  • 7% follow candidates on Twitter

  • *Research conducted through CareerBuilder.com.
    Do you know how to make sure they always see you at your best?

    A strong, meaningful personal brand is the key to creating success in the 21st Century. When it comes to individual human beings, there is
    no such thing as a parody product.
    You, as a person, absolutely must embrace the contribution only you can make to your day, your job,
    your family, your world.

    You are a valuable commodity. And every valuable commodity has a better chance of succeeding when it's presented via a
    strong, meaningful brand.
    Pivotal situations in which personal branding can position you to stand out and succeed include:
  • Job interviews
  • College applications
  • Business deals
  • Speaking engagements
  • Networking events
  • Career Reviews
  • Knowing and operating from a strong personal brand can help you determine:
  • How to represent yourself meaningfully and memorably online.
  • What path to pursue in life.
  • How to restart, revive or reinvent your career.
  • Which clients (and friends) to keep and which ones to fire.
  • How to communicate authentically and effectively.
  • Which opportunities to pursue and which to pass on.
  • How to set boundaries professionally and personally, and feel comfortable saying no.
    (Time is money, after all, so you must know how to appropriately protect it.)
  • Why you deserve the job, deal or promotion and how to ask for and get it.
  • How to get and keep the attention of clients, bosses and industry colleagues.
  • How to shine in any situation, grow through any challenge and truly celebrate every accomplishment.
  • You are the CEO of your life. If you are ready to lead your life to true and lasting success, we offer lots of ways to help you do that. Click on any of the programs below to learn more.