WOULD YOU HIRE YOU? Personal Branding for Professional Success:
A Six Week Personal Brand Building Lab
Are you ready to create a compelling personal brand
and set yourself up to succeed in any given situation?

Join me for six inspirational, empowering, success-oriented weeks of personal brand building in which I will coach you from the ground up on creating, building, and marketing a personal brand successfully in the 21st Century marketplace.

For just a small portion of my private coaching fees, you will receive weekly branding guidance, live question and answer and elite creative direction to help you create a brand that represents you spectacularly, which open even the most elusive doors that you once may have hesitated to knock on or even approach.

This content-rich, 6-week class meets via teleconference. Not only is this convenient for your busy schedule, it offers great practice on presenting yourself and your ideas via a virtual medium, which is an absolutely necessary skill to succeed in today’s world.

Together we will develop each of the six essential steps to creating a personal brand that will ensure you stand out on the path to success. I will provide you with proprietary success systems, comprehensive tools and brand building insights that some of the largest brands and most successful CEO’s have used to succeed in their lives.

In this highly cluttered, fast-paced world where competition is growing and attention spans are shrinking, it has never been more vital that you present yourself in a way that stands out and offers meaning. For years, I have helped brand leaders big and small, local and international grow, thrive and succeed, and enjoy the process of doing so. It is a skill I possess in spades and a process I’m deeply passionate about it, so I have climbed down from the ivory tower to offer it directly to you.

If you are here reading this, something in you already knows you are in need of a personal brand and more importantly, that you are ready for the confidence, success and opportunities it can bring.

  • Have every intention of making a meaningful success of your life.
  • Ready to stop blending in and really start to stand out.
  • Want to promote yourself authentically in ways that generate attention.
  • Are looking to make the leap to the next level of your career but can't seem to break out of your plateau.
  • Are planning a job or career change and want to position yourself for greater levels of success than you have been experiencing.
  • Are rapidly approaching graduation or have recently graduated but can't seem to get your foot in any doors.
  • Know it's time to be recognized by bosses, peers and everyone else for all you have to offer.
  • In this six-week brand building intensive, we will:

    WEEK ONE: Actively shift out of operating a parody product and start standing out for the unique offerings you bring to the table.

    You have something amazing to offer this world. If you don't know what that is, or worse yet, don't believe it's true, then I sincerely hope you sign up for this class. Because I can promise you that you are letting your life, and all the amazing opportunities in it, pass you by. On our first call together, I will lead you out of the uncertainty of what makes you stand out and give you the tools to create a crystal clear personal positioning that we will then build into a brand you can take out into the world.

    WEEK TWO: Create an image that catches people's eyes in person and online and keeps them interested long after their first impression.

    Once you are clear on what you are offering, we will do what every successful product does when it is preparing to launch out into the world: we will create your packaging. And while this certainly includes the surface elements of how you look, dress and style yourself, it also dives much deeper into tone and personality so that your image can shine through in emails, texts, blogs, online posts, job and program applications, and all the other ways people "see" you in today's world.

    WEEK THREE: Build a unique platform that positions you authentically, inspires others to connect, builds an audience, attracts others to you and ensures you always feel passion and purpose in your life.

    Now that you have a clear offering and a strong image, we will create a unique platform for launching those two things into the world. This platform is built via a proprietary and proven Branding Powers method and will ensure you attract and connect people as well as feel passion and purpose in every day of your life.

    WEEK FOUR: Create a success system of personal responsibility that will inform how you operate as a brand into the world.

    If I am going to set you up to succeed as a personal brand, then the simple truth is, I must tell you there will be times you will also fail. (It happens to the best of us.) Learning how to navigate both success and failure while staying in integrity with your personal brand includes creating an operating system to guide you on how to succeed gracefully, confront any challenge, disappointment or unexpected circumstance with poise and confidence and how to rise from any fall in a manner that doesn't set you back and always makes you proud.

    WEEK FIVE: Create a clear, magnetic personal brand message and learn to market yourself to employers, investors, recruiters, potential business partners, incubators, as well as entrepreneurial and college programs in an authentic, relevant, meaningful, magnetizing manner.

    I realize marketing is not everyone's favorite thing to do, but it is a critical skill to have. This fast-paced, highly competitive world is no place to be shy -- opportunities abound, but wallflowers need not apply. In this phase, I will arm you with knowledge, insight, active tools and a success system for you to self promote with clarity, confidence, and yes, dare I say it, even passion and excitement. (Trust me, if those last two attributes come through in your personal brand messaging, you will absolutely rise to the top of any list.)

    WEEK SIX: Assume the position of CEO of your life and start building a passion-driven legacy of success.

    Here I will enlighten and empower you to act like the CEO you have always been. Regardless of how many people try to influence you, nobody else can live your life for you. Which is why here you will discover the five most powerful beliefs and behaviors that every successful CEO has in common and establish an action plan for yourself that is aligned with these successful mindsets.

    In addition to creating your powerful, success magnetizing personal brand, students of mine will receive the added value of amazing guest speakers. You will listen to, learn from and interact live with highly successful and influential professionals. While the list is constantly rotating, guest speakers include human resource managers of multi-million dollar corporations, successful entrepreneurs and business owners, global creative directors, former publicists to Hollywood's elite, stylists, designers, social media coaches and more.
    Tuesday, January 22, 2013.

    Sessions run every Tuesday from 7:00-8:30 PM CST for 6 consecutive weeks.

    Along with the content rich curriculum already provided, there are a number of additional high value add-ons you will experience.

    WEEKLY CALL RECORDINGS: All calls will be recorded and distributed in case you miss a class and for your continued reference.
    (A $697 value)

    PRIVATE ONLINE FORUM: For giving and receiving support from your brand building classmates and colleagues, to receive hands-on experience in presenting your brand via an online forum, as well as additional daily support from me and my marketing staff. (A $1,000 VALUE)


    EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to professional guest speakers such as corporate human resource officers, professional designers, image consultants and more. (A $3,000 VALUE)

    WEEKLY PERSONAL BRAND COACHING and creative masterminding with me via the Q&A portion of each session includes all the passion, creative muscle and branding know-how that I have amassed in my years as a global creative director for some of the world's largest advertising agencies. (A $3,500 VALUE)

    Information, insights and resources like this have the potential to land jobs and business deals that are easily in the six figures.

    But this class is about how much money and value we can add to your life and help you make, not how much we can get you to pay. Which is why this class is nowhere near six figures. And nowhere near five figures either. It's not even anywhere in the four figure range.

    The cost of receiving all you need to know to build your own stand out, professional, success-oriented personal brand is only $587.00. Or, if you prefer, two monthly payments of $298.00.

    Imagine the return you can get on that tiny investment...

    I am confident that you can effectively and powerfully build a relevant, meaningful personal brand with the power to open doors and leave a positive first impression with potential recruiters, HR executives, investors, business partners and admissions officers by properly implementing the information in this class.

    It is at the core of our mission statement to set business and individuals up for success in the 21st Century. Are you ready to build the foundation of that success with your own sharp, stand out and highly respectable personal brand?
    Let this New Year bring you a whole new level of personal and professional success – Class Starts January, 2013!

    Please don't hesitate to reserve your seat. We will truly be shutting the doors on this class at 20 students, and your best chance of being one of them is to register now. Given the amount of interest already received, I have every certainty that this class will sell out.

    Reserve your seat for the Branding Powers Personal Brand Building Intensive: Would you hire you? Personal Branding for Professional Success today.

    Once you register, you will receive a confirmation email *within 24 hours* with all the information you need.

    Terms and Agreements:
    In purchasing this program:
    I understand I am committing to paying the chosen payment plan in full, as this is an all-inclusive program in which I am enrolling. I understand that this program is non-refundable after 30 days. Any refunds that are processed will subtract any incurred merchant fees and *team energy fees.
    A $30 late fee will be charged for payment not received, or unable to be processed, by each installment due date.
    All Branding Powers International materials are proprietary and the sharing of them with any persons, entity or business is strictly prohibited. They are presented and intended for your sole and individual use. I understand I will be responsible for any legal fees which might arise and any expenses which may be incurred by Branding Powers International, LLC. in efforts to obtain full payment, if I fail to meet the conditions of this Agreement.
    *Refunds are processed at the end of the month.