A Complimentary  Webinar
Did you know that fifty million times a day someone Googles someone else's name?

We live in a world where we are being watched:

  • Watched by recruiters and HR professionals.

  • Watched by college admissions committees.

  • Watched by potential business partners and investors.

  • Watched by potential dates and mates.

  • Your values, abilities and potential are being decided by others without you ever having a personal conversation with them. This is how powerful your online presence has become.

    Which is why establishing and operating your every move through a meaningful and memorable personal brand is absolutely essential for success. Positioning yourself to stand out in a matter of seconds is what it takes to open doors, land jobs, capitalize on opportunities and create consistent long-term fulfillment and success.

    It is a simple fact in this 21st Century marketplace, you will not get an in-person interview until you pass the online search test. So having said that, here are a few imperative questions for you to ask:
    1. Is your online presence working for you or against you?
    46% of US recruiters and HR professionals have uncovered digital deal-breakers by Googling candidates.

    2. If it is working for you, is it working hard enough?
    86% of U.S. HR workers said that a good online reputation can have a positive to major impact on a job candidate's chances.
    If you aren't 100% sure your personal brand can keep up in a playing field like that, you are definitely going to want to save yourself a seat at this no-cost seminar, entitled FORGET BEING FORGETTABLE: THE SIX ESSENTIAL BUILDING BLOCKS OF A STAND OUT PERSONAL BRAND.
    In this no-cost webinar, you will:
  • Discover the six essential ingredients in every stand out personal brand.
  • Learn exactly how a strong personal brand will amp your ability to succeed.
  • Get tips on how to position your personal brand to create more money, more time and more fulfillment in your life.
  • Engage in live Q&A with me, which is your chance to get some high-dollar personal branding advice for no dollars at all.
  • This personal branding seminar will cost you nothing. But in today's world, not having an established personal brand could cost you quite a bit. So be sure to reserve your seat today.