Oh, how we love non-profits. Truly. These organizations are the pioneers of social purpose and have always, always had the best interests of humanity in mind. Unfortunately, with the rise of social entrepreneurship and the double bottom line, non-profits, too, are operating on an outdated, single bottom line business model.

Now that people can use their purchasing power to support causes, conditions and movements, they aren’t feeling the strong need to donate that perhaps they have in the past. And as a result, the sustainability of non-profits is in danger. It’s the other side of the coin: Unlike traditional
for-profit organizations who are in need of a second bottom line to bring social purpose to their business, non-profits are in need of a first bottom line to bring financial support to their business.  The proprietary Branding Powers Double Bottom Line Branding™ process transforms a
non-profit into a double bottom line brand with the power, positioning and potential to generate income and increase sustainability.

How can traditional, not-for-profit brands best work with us?

There are three entry points depending on what stage your brand and your organization are currently operating. Click the entry point below that best applies to you to find out more.