The double bottom line is a business model that marries financial profit and social purpose into a single, powerful strand of DNA from which the entire brand grows. This is not about charitable give back. It is about generating profit by doing good. And in turn, because consumers want their purchases to lend themselves to something meaningful, they buy from you. Thus the good you do helps you generate more profit.

It's combining financial profitability and social responsibility into a "not-JUST-for-profit" success formula.

This is not just a marketing platform generated to simply bring in good press. This is a business platform created to generate immense financial gain in a way that helps rather than hurts the world.

More than eighty eight percent of consumers prefer to do business with brands that are doing good. If you aren't currently one of those brands, you need to ask yourself this question:
How much money is your brand is currently leaving on the table
by operating on a single bottom line?

Branding Powers International specializes in Double Bottom Line Branding™. We work solely with brands who are committed, excited and ready to make a big splash in the 21st Century marketplace while making a positive impact in the world. Our process is proprietary and proven. In fact, within our brand roster, some results have amazed even us.
Branding Powers Double Bottom Line Brands™ have reported:
  • Increases in business of up to 40% in a week
  • 200% increase in networking opportunities
  • Record breaking sales months
  • Social media spikes of nearly 83% in a matter of weeks
  • A feeling of passion flooding back into their business and their lives