What is Double Bottom Line Branding™?

Double Bottom Line Branding™ is a proprietary branding process that repositions brands from a single, financially measured bottom line onto a double bottom line, which marries sales and social purpose into a single, powerful strand of DNA from which the entire brand grows.

This is not about charitable give back. It is about generating profit by doing good. And in turn, because consumers want their purchases to lend themselves to something meaningful, they buy from you. Thus the good you do helps you generate more profit. Purpose and profit become inextricably linked.

This is an absolute necessity to succeed given today’s buying landscape. 88% of consumers think companies should try to achieve their business goals while improving society and the environment. Yet recent studies show that only 7% of these sophisticated consumers think it’s enough for companies to engage in issues through cash, product or service donations.

It is no longer enough to just give money to a cause. Businesses must fundamentally shift and become forces for social good on an every day basis.

And with Double Bottom Line Branding™ that’s exactly what happens.

Corporate Social Responsibility is no longer just a department within a company. It now defines the business as a whole. Brands continue to sell the products and services they have built their business on, but through the repositioning, they now do so in a way that creates an immediate, tangible, measurable difference in the world.

And by infusing this purpose, we actually position you to make more money than you would if you focused on sales alone.