60% of US consumers say businesses are in the best position to impact social issues. And we passionately agree. But beyond building a brand with the absolute ability to help those in need and create a positive social impact in this world we share, there are some irrefutable business reasons to shift into Double Bottom Line Branding.™

  • With 91% of global consumers likely to switch to buying from brands that support a good cause, you strengthen your brand conversion rate.

  • With 60% of consumers willing to pay extra for a socially responsible product, you can sell at a premium price.

  • With companies that are considered leaders in socially responsible policies leading the pack in stock performance by an average of 25% over the long term, you position yourself for sustainable growth and success.

  • With 85% consumers considering CSR when deciding which products and services to recommend to others, you become the brand with the mission and message that gets shared on social media and through word of mouth.

  • With 58% of employees and executives willing to take a pay cut to work for a socially responsible company, you position yourself to recruit and retain top talent.

  • With 70% of investors factoring in a company’s social and environmental impact when choosing investees, you position your business for financial support if and when you need it.

  • With 71% of consumers reporting being confused by the message companies use to talk about their efforts and impacts, you become a transparent business with a clearly understandable purpose and message.

An entirely new economy is emerging in our 21st Century Marketplace. And for all these reasons and more, Double Bottom Line Branding™ positions you to succeed on every level upon which a business must now operate.